A mission to make delicious coffee accessable.

David porcher

Founder & Operations

Maggie porcher

Founder & Accounting

Ashley brown

Director of Mobile Operations

Our story


Chicago, Austin, Frozen Yogurt

Maggie and David Porcher moved from Chicago in Spring of 2014 to the heart of Texas in pursuit of providing the best frozen yogurt food truck the world has ever seen (I’m telling you, it was THE BEST frozen yogurt). While on that journey, they discovered Austin’s flourishing coffee scene. Not being able to hold themselves back from enjoying the local coffee culture, the Porchers began serving coffee as a compliment product to their coveted frozen yogurt.

Wanderlust Coffee Company

It was not long before they realized just how much they enjoyed serving coffee to guests at their truck. One thing led to another, and the Porchers decided to sell their frozen yogurt business in order to jumpstart their newfound coffee company Wanderlust Coffee.


Go-Anywhere Coffee Services

For years, Maggie and David grew Wanderlust Coffee into a team of coffee professionals and served Austin with mobile coffee trucks. David’s craftsmanship with wood, metal, and design led the entrepreneur to build mobile coffee kiosks from scratch. Wanderlust Coffee then became a coffee company specializing in go-anywhere coffee services. Wanderlust Coffee could now serve coffee in a local park, at a wedding, in a retail space, on the 1st floor of a high-rise, and even on the 51st story of an Austin skyscraper. In January 2018, the Wanderlust Coffee team grew again and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Porchers continued to dream. 

Nearby Coffee

With plans of expanding into more services, the name Wanderlust Coffee began to fade into the background as a foundation for the future vision of the company. The name Nearby Coffee Company rose up out of the desire the Porchers have to make exceptional coffee experiences accessible to everyone. In other words, the Porchers wanted to maximize the potential for experiencing delicious coffee and great service by offering services that are always Nearby. The brand enhancement marks a new era for Wanderlust Coffee built on the same principles as before and operated by the same people whose passion sparked this adventure in the first place. Nearby Coffee Company is the same company, with the same owners, but with a renewed vision to give you the best coffee experience possible no matter where you need it. Remember, there is an elevated coffee experience Nearby.